Online Life Drawing - Emily Metalskin

The Henley School of Art

A SPECTACULAR and truly UNMISSABLE session with the incomparable Emily Metalskin! 

Emily uses a variety of props & costume in this carefully choreographed life drawing extravaganza. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted!

To enhance your drawing experience, Jo Harris has compiled a beautiful Spotify playlist that was played during the original live session. The link to this is:

This session has no sound but there are visual prompts & countdown timers which are displayed in the corner of your screen so that you can keep track. 

Poses include 2 x 2mins, 2 x 5mins, 2 x 10mins, 3 x 20mins & a wonderful BONUS 3mins Performance Piece.

***PLEASE NOTE - This is a streamed rental, not a download. Once you have purchased, you will have 30 days to stream the video files. Once you click "play" on a video file, your access to this file will expire in 72 hours.

The site that hosts this video is based in America, they automatically add tax to the sale, (depending on where you are in the world), we apologise unreservedly for this extra charge - we've tried to get it changed but have been unable to. We've priced the session lower than we intended to sell it for, in order to try and combat this extra charge.***

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  • Video stream of the beautiful model Emily Metalskin, for life drawing purposes.

  • Resolution
    1440 x 1080 px
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  • Duration
    100 minutes
  • Video stream of the beautiful model Emily Metalskin, for life drawing purposes.
  • Resolution1440 x 1080 px
  • Size0.2GB
  • Duration100 minutes
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Online Life Drawing - Emily Metalskin

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